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Garage Door Repair Rancho San Diego CA

You’re playing a dangerous game if you’re letting your garage door fall into poor condition. It’s like playing Russian roulette with the health and safety of those who enter and exit your home or business. By neglecting your garage door you’re unwittingly ignoring possible problems that might contribute to even bigger issues down the road.

Your garage door issues could be caused by one of the following things:

  • Broken torsion or expansion springs
  • Tangled cables
  • Worn out rollers
  • Dirty sensors
  • Burned out motors
  • Dead remote control batteries
  • Inoperative switches or buttons

The more you ignore the problem, the worse these issues can get … So, stop ignoring your garage door!

Regular maintenance can help you avoid issues and extend the life of your garage doors. The trained professionals at Dr Garage Door Repair Rancho San Diego are here to help you. We always try to repair things first before we have to replace them. Call us now for more information!

Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage Door Repair Services Rancho San DiegoAll machinery that has defective parts or is used frequently will eventually need replacement. Garage door openers are no different. Garage door owners should anticipate this and invest in the maintenance and repair of their doors openers.

We tune-up every kind of garage door opener, including jackshaft, belt, screw drive, and chain drive openers. We can also install a new opener!

Garage Door Sensor Repair

garage door sensor repairGarage door sensors are the most important set of eyes in the garage door system, as it alerts the garage door when something is blocking its path, allowing the door to stop and to change direction.

When the sensors go out, bad things can happen, which can lead to accidents, severe injury and worse!

If your sensors are on the blink or they’re not working the way you think they should work, contact us and we’ll send a technician right away!

Garage Door Cable Repair

garage door cable repairKeep tabs on your cables! Small rips in your cables can lead to larger tears, and eventually completely ripped cables.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Garage Door Roller Repair

garage door roller repairIt doesn’t matter what the rollers are made of, they will wear out over time! At some point you can count on broken, bent, or worn-out garage door rollers. Damaged rollers can cause a garage door to go off its track.

The solution is to head off the problem with regular maintenance before the issues can develop. Our professional technicians can repair or replace your wheels before your door comes off its track.

Let us be can be your go-to mechanics and take care of your roller dilemmas before they spiral out of control! For more information, call us today!

Garage Door Panel Repair

garage door panel repairGarage door panels which are part of sectional doors allow the door to be rolled up in sections instead of folding up and down. When they’re damaged due to abuse or wear and tear, the panel is pretty easy to repair provided the panels are available from the manufacturer. You can count on us to do outstanding work and we’re committed to the panel repaired just as soon as possible!

Garage Door Off-Track

Garage Door Installation Service Rancho San Diego CAWe’re here to make sure that your garage door stays on its track. When your garage door gets dislodged it’s usually due to a structural issue or worn out rollers. We provide regular inspections to nip any issues in the bud before they become major problems. Let us know how we can help!

New Garage Door Installation

Garage Door Installation Service Rancho San Diego CADeciding to get a new garage door can be stressful. You have to weigh whether a new garage door would make your home or business safer. You must gauge whether a new door would enhance the beauty to your property and surrounding neighborhood. If you finally opt for a new door; we hope you’ll consider hiring us to do the job.

Our technicians are experienced, well trained, and certified. We can provide same day service, and in most cases a mechanic will be at your door within 2 hours of us receiving your call. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We won’t leave until everything is in perfect working order.

Choose from our extensive catalog. It features steel, wood, fiberglass, and aluminum doors made by the leading brands. We can also create custom design doors to fit your particular physical and budget requirements. Contact us for more information.

Residential Garage Door Installation

The difficulty of deciding whether to install a new garage door is not lost on us. Maybe you’re debating whether a new door fits your budget. Maybe you’re wondering if you can live with your current garage door; despite it being on its last leg . Put us at the top of your list of options, if you choose to install a new garage door.

We offer wood, steel, aluminum, and fiberglass doors, made by top manufacturers. Once you pick a door from our collection, our skilled professionals make sure to tailor it to fit your physical and financial requirements. We also custom design doors.

Let Dr Garage Door Repair Rancho San Diego install your dream door today. Call us!


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Garage Door Repair Service Rancho San Diego CA
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