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Garage Door Spring and Cable Repair Rancho San Diego CA

Garage Door Spring Repair Icon Rancho San Diego CAWithout the springs your heavy garage door won’t open. This makes them the most important part of the garage door system, next to the door itself.

Creaking springs are the first signs of problems with your garage door. If noisy springs are overlooked the springs can deteriorate and snap; potentially trapping your car in your garage. Our trained professionals can provide maintenance or replacement services for both your torsion and extension springs to head off disaster. Contact us to schedule an appointment now.

New Spring Installation

Torsion Springs and Extension Springs

We get it; you think you can fix your own springs. Seems easy enough, right? WRONG.

Garage door springs shouldn’t be taken lightly. Broken springs can drop heavy doors on people. Fingers can be crushed between the spring coils.

Always seek professional for maintenance. Trust us to safely install, fix, and maintain your extension and torsion springs. Contact us for help!

Cable Services

garage door cable repairThere’s no denying it – garage door cables are crucial. Your garage door couldn’t operate without cables. Cables work in conjunction with springs to support the weight of the garage door. They’re constantly adjusting the movement and tension of your garage door.

Cables wear down over time, however. They’re like components on any other regularly used machine. Frequent use will deteriorate them. They will fray and eventually snap because of repeated operation, exposure to the elements, and accidents, like collisions.

If your cables sever your garage door will be inoperable. You won’t be able to open it. Your vehicles will be trapped behind your garage door. Your best bet in a situation like this is to call a garage door technician for a cable replacement.

Contact a certified mechanic for your maintenance needs, as well. When you do your regular garage door inspections check to see if your cables have rips or have started to unbraid. Besides doing visual exams, make sure to run your fingers along the cable while wearing gloves. If you discover deteriorating cables, call a garage door expert for repairs before your problems gets worse.


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